Kate Moss is embarrassing and annoying, says daughter

The supermodel is just like every other mum

By Liz Bautista | Published: 29 Jun 2015

Lila on mum Kate
Photo: Splash News

Kate Moss may be the coolest and most badass supermodel in the world, but to her daughter Lila Grace, she is just like every other mum.

"Like every mum she's embarrassing and annoying but u love them rlly," said the 12-year-old when asked in a Q&A on social network if she considers Kate an idol.

Lila also shared that having Kate as a parent and being surrounded by the model's famous friends has inspired her dreams of one day working for the fashion industry, but not as a model. "Mayb a fashion designer... But defo not a model," shared Lila, adding that she's a fan of designer and mum's BFF, Stella McCartney.

Aside from discussing her mother, Lila revealed that pre-twerking Miley Cyrus used to be her "EVERYTHING," while Harry Styles is her favourite One Directioner.

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