Kanye teaches at college and Miley Cyrus looks at jail time

Also, Colin Farrell lands the lead role in True Detective, Alicia Keys goes nude for peace and Hilary Duff is in favour of a Lizzie McGuire reunion

By Andrea Tim | Published: 22 Sep 2014

Kanye teaches
Photo: Jamie McCarthy

Kanye West's 250 hours of community service begins at Los Angeles Trade Technical College
It would be hard, as a student at LA's Trade Technical College, to not stand up and cheer as your newest teacher walks into the room. But Kanye is not there to perform; he's there to teach you the art of fashion (we'd take it). He's even assigned presentation homework for the students. Presenting your topic in front of Yeezy? Get out of here!

We don't know if the singer has a syllabus to follow or if he's just winging it (in rap perhaps?), with the help of his trusty Kanyeism muscles. For some, it may be an hour-long philosophy class, not necessarily the best kind. For others? Best. Start of term. Ever.

Colin Farrell to play lead character in True Detective's second season
Taking over from Matthew McConaughey for the second season of True Detective is fellow film veteran Colin Farrell, confirmed by the actor himselfduring an interview. This is welcome news after months of speculation that the Total Recall actor was in talks to join the new cast. The rest of the ensemble has yet to be confirmed.

"I know it will be eight episodes and take around four or five months to shoot," he told Sunday World, "I know very little about it, but we're shooting in the environs of Los Angeles which is great. It means I get to stay at home and see the kids."

Would we like to see Colin frown those brows as he tries to decipher clues? Um, yes.

Miley Cyrus is in danger of being prosecuted by Mexican officials
It was the Mexican Independence Day when Miley Cyrus performed her concert in Monterrey. Of course, it wouldn't have been a show if the Bangerz singer didn't do something to score headlines. Miley had reportedly worn a much larger prosthetic butt over her own notorious derriere, and had it slapped with – wait for it – a Mexican flag.

Needless to say, the Nuevo Leon state congress wasn't at all pleased and wants her prosecuted for it. If Miley is charged, she could be fined $1,200 and put in jail for thirty six hours.

Meanwhile, the 21-year-old continues her crusade to help homeless youth in Hollywood. In a recent My Friend's Place campaign, donators were offered, at different donation stages, rewards including a custom tattoo design, campaign T-shirt (see photo below), original artwork and a voicemail message, all from Miley. Bad news though, the campaign has ended (sorry Smilers).

Hilary Duff would love a Lizzie McGuire reunion
Don't throw away your butterfly clips just yet. Hilary Duff has expressed that she would like to see her teen sitcom persona, Lizzie McGuire in a reunion project, although we expect that the soliloquising character would be a grown up, less butterfly-clipped version.

"I would be totally open to it. My schedule is a little busy right now. But um … why not?" she told the Huffington Post. "I mean it was a really, really fun show. And obviously people really loved her. Maybe a "Lizzie: Where Are You Now?" like 10 years later." Cough, get plannin', Disney. And this is for you, Ethan Craft fans.

Alicia Keys, pregnant and nude for world peace
While many celebrities are trying to climb out of the wreckage that was the nude photo leak, singer Alicia Keys is all up in your face about going nude in the name of peace. Mrs Swizz Beatz bared it all to support her We Are Here campaign. The effort, to be launched at the Social Good Summit, aims to support various forms of charities in order to improving the world.

Tackling areas involving LGBT rights, stricter gun policies, global poverty, health and disease, as well as racial profiling, We Are Here is essentially Alicia's move to "gather an army," she told the New York Times. "It's time to get people's attention," she said, referring to her daring photo. "People won't be able to ignore this visual."

Let Alicia tell you why we're all here in her recently-released song and music video.


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