Kanye West tweets in defense of Bill Cosby

The one tweet tantrum that is turning fans against Kanye

By Shantila Lee | Published: 10 Feb 2016

Kanye defends Cosby
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Last week it was a Twitter rant dissing Wiz Khalifa, and today Kanye has provoked a strong reaction with a somewhat random tweet about Bill Cosby. It read 'Bill Cosby innocent' followed by a number of exclamation marks for extra effect. Is he actually defending Bill Cosby?

The beloved comedian, 78, is currently facing a large rape investigation, with more than 50 women having come forward with claims that he drugged them with pills and raped them. Loads of celebs and the gen pop in general have condemned Cosby, driven and convinced largely by the staggering number of women involved. Kanye's tweet does not reflect the popular opinion and hence went under fire, triggering a Twitter war in slews of negative responses.

Cosby is currently confronting allegations by Andrea Constand, in a hearing scheduled for 29 February. He had previously given a deposition where he admitted to offering Quaaludes to women. For someone like me who grew up watching The Cosby Show in the 80s and early 90s, loving the show and how Cosby played America's funniest, greatest dad, it's hard to digest the allegations against him. His work seems forever tarnished, as we all wonder how he could ever do something like this.

While this equally compells us to say, as with all such allegations, he is innocent until proven guilty, and the fact that it keeps resurfacing doesn't make it true, to say he is innocent isn't right either. Bad, Kanye, bad. 

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