Kanye West gives Kim Kardashian an outrageous wedding present

It is a nude painting of herself wearing nothing but Louboutins and a G-string

By Andrea Tim | Published: 3 Jun 2014

Kanye's crazy gift
Photo: The painting Kanye West gave to Kim Kardashian

After presents from Kanye West like that lovely Mother's Day present and cool wedding performance surprise by Lana Del Rey, you'd think that the man actually has good taste in gift-giving. We were even willing to overlook that bizarre hand-painted Hermès Birkin bag he gave her for Christmas one year, but we're not so sure anymore.

Kanye reportedly commissioned street artist Bambi to paint a portrait of Kim in the nude, save for red-soled Christian Louboutins and a rather irrelevant G-string. The best (or worst) part: the painting was christened Perfect Bitch.

Of course, when you gush about your bride in your wedding speech, calling her "the ideal celebrity" and "the ideal art", the only sensible thing to do is to immortalise her in a nude painting and then give it to her, right?

According to Bambi's manager, the rapper asked for "something regal but typically Kim" and paid a fee of five figures for it. We just hope Kim is happy with it because Kanye intends to hang the painting in their bedroom.


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