Justin Bieber wants to talk to fans but gets booed

"My point of the no screaming thing is when I'm looking you in the eyes, you can actually know that we're having a moment"

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 25 Oct 2016

Bieber wants to talk
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Justin Bieber is just a guy who has feelings. He's even tried to explain that during his Purpose World Tour stop at Manchester yesterday. He tried to tell his Beliebers that he didn't like them screaming when he was trying to speak between songs.

"I appreciate the support, I appreciate the kind things... but the screaming during these breaks has GOT to stop, please and thank you," JB said. Sadly, the crowd started to boo him instead of going silent. "I don't think that's necessary. I want to be able to say something, when you guys are screaming it's hard to...", he said before giving up and dropping his mic to leave the stage.

Justin returned to the stage after a little while and tried yet again to explain himself.

"If you wanna take this moment and...I just thought we could have a moment to say something. But if not, I'll just get to singing if you don't want to hear me speak. I don't mind cutting the bullshit because I don't need to talk. I'm just trying to engage. But, if you guys don't want to do that we can just play the music," he said.

"I'm not quite sure why you guys came tonight. Hopefully it was to enjoy my company as well as invite me enjoying your company," Justin added later on. "I feel like I want to connect, you know? My point of the no screaming thing is when I'm looking you in the eyes, you can actually know that we're having a moment, having a connection right? So it's not me trying to be an asshole, it's simply me wanting to have a moment."

"Manchester, you guys are awesome," he continued. "I appreciate you. But then there has to be all these, I just...I'm just going to quit talking, alright? I'm just not going to talk the rest of the night. We're just going to do the music...because obviously Manchester can't handle it. So we're just going to do the music."

Poor Justin, he just wants to connect with his Beliebers. Let him connect with you, Beliebers! The singer deactivated his Instagram account in August after fans threw hateful comments at him and Sofia Richie (who's no longer his girlfriend, are you happy, Beliebers?). Add that to his struggle to keep Beliebers happy at concerts, it's a real wonder Justin still bothers to perform at all.

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