Joseph Gordon-Levitt learned to walk the tightrope for real

He also met the real Philippe Petit to prepare for his role in 'The Walk'

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 28 Sep 2015

JGL learns tightrope
Photo: Dave Allocca/

In The Walk, a new adrenaline-inducing film directed by Robert Zemeckis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays high-wire artist Philippe Petit who yearns (and eventually does) walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center back in 1974, New York.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, JGL opened up about working with the real Philippe (who actually walked between the towers) in preparation for his role. He started by learning to walk the tightrope on the floor before moving on to a wire suspended ten feet in the air.

"He's such a positive thinker, and when someone believes that you can do something, then you yourself believe you can do it, and that's when you can actually do it, when you believe in yourself," said JGL.

"I started not correcting him, but I started giving him all my passion and all my sense of theatre and my poetry of the wire because I cannot walk on the wire without that passion and the love for the wire," Philippe told Entertainment Weekly. "I had to give that to the actor, and we see it on the screen."

Well, if JGL can't make it as a high-wire artist, at least he's got a musical career to fall back on. Take a look at him singing a barbershop quartet version of Rihanna's Bitch Better Have My Money on The Tonight Show.

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