Jennifer Lawrence thinks Taylor Swift is a badass

The actress attended the 2015 Comic Con event at San Diego

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 13 Jul 2015

Video: Extra TV

Hate her or love her, Taylor Swift still manages to crop up in conversations between celebrities. The latest celebrity to mention her is Jennifer Lawrence, who thinks she's a badass for standing up to Apple.

"Taylor Swift is a badass. That letter she wrote about Apple, I texted her and was like, 'You's a badass b**ch'. She's awesome. She's a lot more well-spoken than me," says Jennifer. We're wondering if J Law will be joining Taylor's crew of gal pals.

Attending the 2015 Comic Con event at San Diego over the weekend to speak on The Hunger Games movie panel, Jen also confesses that it was very emotional for her during filming. "It was incredibly emotional, we just held each other, we cried. Now it just seems so ridiculous because we all hang out. Like me, Josh, Liam and Woody hung out like three weeks ago, I think and Josh and Liam and I see each other all the time. So now we feel ridiculous for having cried. It's like we all live in LA," she says.

During the two-minute long interview with Extra TV, we also discover that Jen is a serious Harry Potter fan. "I went through a pretty hardcore Harry Potter phase when I was little," says Jennifer. "I was in Kentucky so I never got to meet them or see them and like even now I'm so jealous of the kids now because they have like Harry Potter World and I didn't have anything, I didn't have an outlet. I just had an obsession." We feel you, Jen.

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