Could Jennifer Aniston win an Oscar for 'Cake'?

The rom-com queen digs deep for her new dramatic role, and it could possibly earn her an Academy Award

By Andrea Tim | Published: 11 Dec 2014

Oscar for Jennifer?
Photo: Cake

[Updated 11 December 2014] Jennifer Aniston has just been nominated for the Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. That's one step closer to an Oscar for Jen, and we're excited for her.


We know Jennifer Aniston for her glamorous red carpet appearances, comedic roles and romantic movie endings (and don't you think for a second that we've forgotten about Friends). While she's not completely new to other genres like thriller, horror and drama, she makes a lasting impression every time she tackles heavier roles.

Doing a complete 180 after reprising her role as a sexually agressive doctor in Horrible Bosses 2, Jennifer stars in Cake, where she plays a woman suffering from chronic pain. Director Daniel Barnz told People that "With this performance, Jen just let herself go raw in every way, emotionally and physically."

The Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actress had facial scars painted on for the role. She also had to wear a back brace. Since the film's premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, Jennifer's name has been in the running for an Oscar nomination.

"We talked about how this is a woman who actively doesn't take care of herself, who doesn't put on a stitch of makeup, who just completely lets herself go," Daniel said. "Because if the actress tried anything – a dab of lipstick, a tiny bit of mascara – it wouldn't be true to the character and the audience would cry foul."

That wasn't a problem for the Hollywood A-lister. Daniel claims that she probably found it liberating. "What's really brave is how she exposes herself emotionally," he added.

Watch a clip from the film here. Be warned; you'll find no hint of Rachel Green in Jennifer's performance. Cake also stars Anna Kendrick and Sam Worthington.

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