It's time to stop mentioning 'Blurred Lines' to Emily Ratajkowski

The model also discusses her personal style and taking on different roles

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 7 Sep 2015

No Blurred Lines?
Photo: Paul Smith/Featureflash/OIC/TPG Images

Blurred Lines, the super popular hit by Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams and T.I that launched Emily Ratajkowki's career into the lime light apparently annoys the model. In fact, she didn't want to be in it at all.

"I wasn't into the idea at all at first. I think I came off as a bit annoyed in the video. Now, it's the bane of my existence. When anyone comes up to me about Blurred Lines, I'm like, are we seriously talking about a video from three years ago?" Emily told In Style UK.

And that is as far as we're going to talk about it. In other news, Emily's go-to style is that of a wannabe French girl.

"My go-to look is definitely wannabe French girl – feminine but just super, super cool. I love understated and retro," the model said. "Hair and make-up always kill me. I have really bug features and a lot of make-up artists get carried away and make me look like a drag queen."

Emily also wants to expand to different roles than stick to the typical "pretty-girl type" roles that she usually gets.

"I'm not looking to play the pretty-girl type that you would expect from a model turned actress. I want to surprise people. Maybe play the weird girl. It takes fighting for, which I'm prepared to do," she said.

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