It all came tumbling down for Madonna

The singer takes a nasty fall at the BRIT awards, but she's okay!

By Jamie Khoo | Published: 26 Feb 2015

Madonna tumbles
Photo: Getty Images

Taking wardrobe malfunctions to a whole other level, Madonna sustained a rather bad fall last night during a performance of her new single Living for Love at the BRIT awards.

It appears that one of her dancers was attempting to pull her cape off her, but because it was tied too tightly, it didn't slip off as easily as it should. Instead, the tug took Madonna with it, causing her to tumble backwards down a flight of steps. Yikes! 

We're not sure if we're cringeing for how painful it looked, or how embarrassing that must've been. 

(Video: Eliot Wagland/Vine)

No harm done, though. The 56-year-old sprung straight back into action, later posting on Instagram that she's fine. It turns out that she fell because her cape was tied too tightly. Someone from wardrobe must be feeling pretty bad right about now but at least Madonna's fine!

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