Is Kim Kardashian a feminist?

Maybe yes, maybe no

By Andrea Tim | Published: 2 Jul 2015

Kim K a feminist?
Photo: kimkardashian/Instagram

While on tour to promote her new book Selfish, Kim Kardashian had a conversation with retired judge LaDoris Cordell and the world waited to hear if she considers herself a feminist.

"I guess people would call me a feminist," Kim said, reports "I believe in doing what makes you feel comfortable. I don't like to label myself."

So, yes? Or no? (Is Kanyeism rubbing off on her?)

Kim is arguably one of the most influential women on earth – whether or not Forbes thinks so – and she has a long-running reality TV show, a mobile app, a book and 37.7 million Instagram followers to back her up. Naturally, people like her will find themselves constantly scrutinised and objectified by the media.

"Absolutely, I do," she said when asked what she thinks if the media objectifies women. "But I also think that if you have the power... I think you can take that power."

We guess the solution is to publish a 400-page book (or is it 448? 488? 352? The internet still cannot agree) filled with your own steamy selfies. 

Kim, who is pregnant with her second child, is aware that some people think she contributes to unhealthy beauty standards. However, she artfully dodged the issue by talking about her makeup brand and advising young girls to "be confident and secure in who you are."

Coming from a woman who has been called the Marilyn Monroe of our age by Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci, that is powerful.

But guns? Not so much for Kim, who declared she is "really not a gun person." Well, thank goodness for that.

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