Immy Waterhouse lands role in Tom Ford's next film

Suki Waterhouse's sister is going places

By Liz Bautista | Published: 23 Sep 2015

Introducing Immy
Suki Waterhouse and sister Immy (Photo: TPG Images)

Suki Waterhouse's sister Immy Waterhouse is moving to Hollywood! The 21-year-old model has landed a job to star alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams in Tom Ford's next film, Nocturnal Animals.

And it was all thanks to TV show Friends. Before securing the small role for the film, Immy apparently had to show the fashion designer-slash-filmmaker that she could speak in a convincing American accent.

"Do you know how all British actors learn how to speak American? From Friends," she told ELLE US. "If you listen to any British actor, even the really big ones, when they're playing American people, they probably sound like Rachel or Monica. Friends is so huge over here that we just watch it all the time."

Take note, thespians.

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