How to meet Chris Evans in Singapore without embarrassing yourself

A guide for those who will definitely freak out

By Andrea Tim | Published: 30 Mar 2016

Meeting Chris Evans
Photo: TPG Images

Chris Evans and his Captain America: Civil War co-stars Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are going to Singapore to promote their film next month. On Thursday, 21 April from 6pm, Marina Bay Sands' Skating Rink will be ground zero for the meltdown of thousands of fans.

We're all too familiar with that feeling when you meet someone you're a huge fan of: if you're not screaming or crying, you're probably too stunned for words. That's a mistake no one wants to make when you have the one golden opportunity to meet the man of your dreams your favourite celebrity.

Here are a few things you should prepare for if and when you meet Captain America himself, in no particular order of importance. If you can manage it though, do it all. And freak out afterwards.

1. Don't shit your pants
Really, this is the worst time for a bathroom trip.

2. Don't faint
The place will be packed with fans, so remember to breathe. Not foaming at the mouth is also a good idea.

3. Nail your opening line
Here's a suggestion: "Tom Brady is the man!" Chris is a huge, huge fan of the New England Patriots football quarterback, so he'll probably appreciate that you appreciate his interests. "I love you" works too, but remember that Chris has probably heard that a million times.

4. Prepare for a conversation
If you run with the Tom Brady shout-out or anything that might spark a short conversation (good for you!), prepare yourself with information. Look up Tom Brady if you don't already know him and maybe watch some of his best football moments in case Chris starts raving about him too.

5. Be honest
You should be nothing but yourself when you meet your favourite celebrity, so Chris might think it cute that you took the effort to learn about his favourite celebrity, even though you know nothing about American football.

6. Sing something for him
Chris sings and plays the piano as far as we know, so if you get the crowd to sing James Taylor's Fire and Rain (a video of him and his brother singing that song went viral), he might be good sport and sing along!

7. Ask him something
There has to be something you'd love to know about Chris, so ask him the first chance you get.

8. Do not call him your baby daddy
It's a little creepy, so don't.

9. Shake his hand
Firm grip, firm shake. You know the drill.

10. Ask for an autograph
Remember to get him to write your name.

11. Take a selfie with him
And smile!

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