Hilary Swank tells us she's paid 10 times less than male peers

We've got a way to go if the Hollywood gender divide is still this wide

By Jamie Khoo | Published: 19 Nov 2014

Hilary's unfair pay
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Hilary Swank has pointed out the enormous disparity between what men and women are paid in the film industry.

While speaking to university students in Los Angeles this week, Hilary said, "My male counterpart will get paid 10 times more than me – 10 times. Not double, but 10 times for the same job."

This follows a Forbes report published in August this year which states that while the top 10 earning actors collectively netted $419 million in that same year, the top 10 actresses only earned $226 million, just slightly over half the men's earnings.

The 40-year-old actress also talked about the lack of prominent roles for women in movies: "We only have this much left for the female actress. I mean, there's two genders on this earth. Both are compelling, interesting, diverse, wonderful in all their own separate ways. And yet there's an influx of male roles and there's just not for women."

But in a hopeful turnaround, Hilary also drew attention to the feminist messages of her upcoming flick The Homesman directed by Tommy Lee Jones who also stars: “It’s about the objectification and trivialisation of women and it takes place in the mid 1800s. But us women know exactly what that feels like right now in 2014 – talking about gay, lesbian, transgender issues and how far they’ve come … yet how far we still need to go. How great that Tommy Lee Jones, this person that people see as this like rough man, is at the helm of telling this feminist story.”

Tommy also told The Guardian in an article published on Sunday, "I don’t think there’s a woman in the readership of The Guardian, not one, who hasn’t been objectified or trivialised because of her gender at one time or another. And [that inequality is] really what our movie is about.”

Could things be a-changing? We sure hope so but with a 10:1 pay ratio, it seems there's still a long way to go.

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