Neelofa speaks up about Fattah Amin switching flights to avoid her

"If I were them, I'd just get on the same plane," she said

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 19 Jul 2017

Neelofa is done
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Remember that time when Fattah Amin said he switched flights when he found out that his ex-girlfriend Neelofa was going to be on the same plane? He had been en route to a holiday with his Hero Seorang Cinderella co-star Nur Fazura at the time.

According to Neelofa, she didn't even know that they were going to be on the same flight, but wouldn't have made a fuss even if she did.

"If I were them, I'd just get on the same plane because I wouldn't do anything to harm them. That's just my two cents," Neelofa told BH Online.

"We first bumped into each other at 6.30am at the airport while I was checking in my luggage and then later on at the waiting area," the actress added. "I've been planning this vacation since 16 June and everything has been arranged for the day. I went on with my holiday because it's way overdue."

Fattah previously told Beautiful Nara that he switched flights because he felt uncomfortable. "As soon as I found out, I began to feel uncomfortable. To me, it's better we don't get on the same flight with Neelofa. On my family's advice, we switched to the next flight out," he said.

Talk about petty. Fattah is currently rumoured to be dating Fazura and Neelofa has specifically asked not to be related to Fattah in any way.

Although the Suri Hati Mr Pilot actress admitted that she was shocked and disappointed at how fast the flight coincidence became viral, she's still taking it in her stride. "I'm taking this as a challenge from Allah and I'm going to deal with it," she said.

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