Harry Styles gets a new tattoo on live television

The One Direction singer won himself a 'Late Late' tattoo by a game of roulette

By Andrea Tim | Published: 7 Dec 2015

Video: The Late Late Show with James Corden

Since three of the four boys of One Direction are no strangers to the needle, we were most nervous for the untattooed Niall Horan, although no more nervous than he was prior to opening his roulette box at The Late Late Show with James Corden.

One of the five red boxes had the word "Tattoo" in it and if the owner of the box is a One Direction member, he'd get a "Late Late" tattoo. If James got the box, however, he would have to be tattooed with the words "One Direction."

Luckily for Niall, it was Harry Styles who got the tattoo box. A tattoo artist immediately got to work and inked a small "Late Late" on Harry's left arm, as the singer sat unfazed by the whole situation. He did say he was a little woozy, but in no time at all, Harry had a new tattoo to show off, much to Niall's relief.

What a sport, Harry. What a sport.


Fresh ink for Mr. @harrystyles

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