Gwyneth Paltrow and Coco Rocha turn their Norma Jean into Marilyn Monroe

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie meets the Pope, Bieber fans threaten Lara Stone and Jamie Dornan worries about getting murdered

By Andrea Tim | Published: 9 Jan 2015

The Marilyn effect
Photo: Max Factor

Gwyneth Paltrow and Coco Rocha get in on Max Factor's makeover selfie
Marilyn Monroe can front a beauty campaign even when she's no longer with us. Max Factor announced on Monday that the Some Like It Hot actress is its new global ambassador. The cosmetics brand also launched its #GlamJan campaign, calling on women to post makeup transformation selfies on social media.

Model Coco Rocha and actress Gwyneth Paltrow have already posted selfies to show how their 'Norma Jean' turned into the glamorous 'Marilyn' in them.

Specialising in movie makeup in its early days, Max Factor had a close relationship with Marilyn, so it's apt that it is celebrating its 80th anniversary by featuring the Hollywood icon in its new ads

Angelina Jolie meets Pope Francis
When in Rome, meet the Pope! Angelina Jolie was in the Vatican for a screening of her film Unbroken with Vatican officials and ambassadors, the Boston Globe reports. Afterwards, she and two of her children – Shiloh and Zahara – had the privilege of meeting Pope Francis for a few minutes. Brad Pitt was unable to join her on the trip.

"Being invited with my film to the Vatican is an honour and a great tribute to the story that I have told in Unbroken," Angelina said in a Universal Pictures statement. The Pope did not attend the screening, but director of the Holy See Press Office, Rev. Federico Lombardi did and praised the film, saying it demonstrated "positive human and spiritual values, in particular forgiveness."

Oh, to be in a room with the Pope and Angelina Jolie. We hope the people who were present appreciated the moment because man, do we wish we were there.

Crazy Justin Bieber fans are sending Lara Stone death-threats
Lara Stone got hot and steamy with Justin Bieber in the new Calvin Klein campaign. However, diehard Beliebers were not happy that the model was sharing so much personal space with the singer, so they sent Lara death threats on social media. Threats and nasty comments ranged from the completely berserk, such as "Don't touch him again or I will kill you" to the slightly undecided "@lara_stone Don't touch @justinbieber #I'mNotJealous #ImSoJealous".

Other not-jealous Beliebers apologised to Lara, saying much nicer things about the campaign.

"Hi @lara_stone,I'm a brazilian belieber..No matter what the other idiotic belieber are saying! You are so pretty," one fan commented on Instagram, while another wrote "Ignore these immature children hating on you! You're doing your job, killin it! So you don't need a 12 year olds approval. Justin will never love their crazed selves anyway."

Hear that, murderous Beliebers?

Jamie Dornan is afraid angry Fifty Shades fans want to kill him
(Seriously, what is with these fans?) For Jamie Dornan, the price of starring in Fifty Shades of Grey (and inevitably becoming a sex symbol) is having to worry about getting murdered by fans who don't agree with how you were cast in a film that gave you said image.

Speaking to Details magazine about how he thinks the world will react to the film, he said "I almost don't want to put this out there into the ether, but I fear I'll get murdered, like John Lennon, by one of those mad fans at the premiere."

Adding that a lot of people are angry that he plays Christian Grey, he said "I'm a father now, and a husband. I don't want to die yet. And when I do get murdered, people will say, 'God, isn't it haunting how he did that interview in Details magazine and predicted his own death on the red carpet?'"

Let's hope it won't come to that at all, Jamie. You've still got plenty ahead of you.


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