We found Gigi Hadid's long lost twin

They're the same age, have very similar features and are of Dutch descent. What are the odds?

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 3 Aug 2017

Is this Gigi's twin?
Photo: izaijzerman/Instagram

Gigi, is that you?

Turns out, it's not! Dutch model Iza Ijzerman looks so much like Gigi Hadid, that this is probably the best case of celebrity doppelganger we've seen in recent memory. It's almost impossible to tell the two apart at a glance, especially as they both have similar long blonde hair, button nose, pout and blue-green eyes.

Photo: izaijzerman; gigihadid/Instagram

Iza is based in the Netherlands and she was first spotted in an Instagram post, modelling for swimwear line Alpine Butterfly. They're both even the same age and Gigi's Dutch heritage (from her mum Yolanda Foster's side of the family) adds to the whole possibility that they could be related. One can only speculate. Somebody call Who Do You Think You Are? please.

The funny thing is that Iza thinks she doesn't really look that much like Gigi. "I think I look more like Bella," she told Refinery29. Welp.

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