Hold up, George R.R. Martin and Quentin Tarantino were in Malaysia?

Here are our guesses on what the two legends were up to while on our shores

By Lydia Chan | Published: 28 Aug 2017

George in Kuching
Photo: GRRMspeaking/Instagram

By now, the grand finale of season 7 of Game of Thrones has already aired. If you (like us) are at work and can't join in on the pandemonium (and are actively trying to avoid Facebook posts from that one friend who spoils everything), here's something to fill up the GoT void in your heart.

Over the weekend, GoT creator, the all-knowing George R.R. Martin posted a #throwback photo with acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino. While seeing two creative geniuses in a single picture is more than enough to whip us into a frenzy; it turns out that the picture was shot onboard the Sarawak River Cruise in Kuching!

In the picture, the two are holding up glasses, with the Kuching Waterfront seen in the background. It begs the question: what are they doing together – and more importantly, why here in Malaysia?

Here's what we think the two twist-loving narrators are conspiring on.

Quentin will be directing a Game of Thrones episode
Much like what fans are predicting, we also think that perhaps the two were just having a nice evening drink, going over who to kill off in season 8. Given Quentin's knack for blood and violence, if this theory is true, we foresee a bloodbath worse than the Red Wedding. Westeros, be warned.

George and Quentin have a movie in the works... in Malaysia
An amazing, unpredictable storyteller meets an equally talented director? This sounds like a box office goldmine waiting to happen. Since the two were spotted in Kuching, perhaps they were scouting for locations to film at. Here's hoping this one's true and more importantly, can we request for an open casting call?

George just wants to give us something to smile about
For those of us who haven't seen the season 7 finale, odds are George will leave us with a major cliffhanger. To help us recover from our GoT drought, he called up his good friend Quentin, took this picture and are basically throwing us a bone to help with the emotional damage.

Bonus: George and Quentin are actually still in Malaysia
Wouldn't it just be like the GoT author to trick us into thinking this photo is a throwback, although he's actually still in Kuching, right now? In which case, BRB we're booking a flight to Sarawak.

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