Emma Stone's grandfather is haunting her

The actress reveals her hereditary supernatural encounter to David Letterman

By Andrea Tim | Published: 18 Jul 2014

Video: Late Show with David Letterman

We've always been on the verge of bursting from how endearing Emma Stone is (if you didn't see her cry at a Mel-B message or smash Jimmy Fallon in a lip sync battle, you should), but knowing that Emma has been occasionally haunted by her late grandfather makes her even. More. Adorable.

We're not sorry that our reaction is a little strange, but how could we help ourselves when Emma told David Letterman the story as if it were about Santa's reindeers leaving half-chewed carrots behind? And you just wait until she tries to explain what ectoplasm is.

The Magic in the Moonlight actress didn't want to go into details while speaking with the TV show host , because "it's such a long story that you'd have to go to commercial. Five times. And roll to a clip and then come back, and I'd still be telling the story."

David, who is soon to retire, also shared his own metaphysical encounter, after which Emma declared that "we should all open our minds and hearts to magic."


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