Ellen DeGeneres Gives Pharrell Williams' Hat An Enormous Parody

Ellen gave the singer an even bigger hat because she got used to his Vivienne Westwood one

By Andrea Tim | Published: 13 Apr 2014

Video: TheEllenShow

Looks like Pharrell's hat hype isn't about to die down anytime soon. On 9 April, Pharrell appeared on The Ellen Show wearing – you guessed it – his good ol' mountain hat, and discussed his exciting career with host Ellen DeGeneres.

With him wearing the Vivienne Westwood accessory so often since its debut at the 2014 Grammy Awards, it was only normal for Ellen to feel less and less impressed about it.

However, she didn't express that thought without a solution.

"Now I'm so used to it and it doesn't look that big, so I got you another hat that I think you should start wearing," she said before handing him a hat so tall it could oust a 7-year-old child.

With the hat 'conveniently' placed on his lap at first, Pharrell is quick to point out that this could turn into a meme if they weren't careful, prompting Ellen to then place it on the table and finally on the floor.

"This is awesome," the 41-year-old Happy singer said, laughing.

Now wear it, Pharrell.


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