Elizabeth Tan has lost her interest in singing

The Malaysian singer is taking time to focus on her acting career

By Lydia Chan | Published: 15 Aug 2017

Elizabeth's career
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Elizabeth Tan might have just launched her new single Darling but the Malaysian artist has admitted that she's lost her passion for singing. Instead, she wants to focus on pursuing her childhood dream of becoming an actress.

Fresh off her acting debut in the television series, My Darling Inspektor Daniel, Elizabeth has plans to further her acting career.

"My experience while filming the series was so fun and I've learned a lot, which has helped improve my acting," Elizabeth said to mStar. She also shared that she's since received other acting offers but has not made any decisions.

Elizabeth confessed that she always wanted to be an actress but her singing career just happened to take off. While she was excited at first, she soon realised that singing wasn't her true love.

"Every time I step on to the stage, I lose my spirit and feel like I really don't have the charisma like other singers when they perform," Elizabeth said.

On her career shift, Elizabeth has the support of her mentor, fellow singer and composer Faizal Tahir.
"I told him [about my change in heart] and he understands how I'm feeling and has advised me to take a break [from singing] and to pursue other fields in the entertainment business," she said. "I'm really lucky to have him supporting me as I try to find myself as an artist."

However, fans of the singer need not worry too much as Elizabeth is not leaving her musical career completely.

"I love writing, composing and recording songs in the studio. I just don't like live performances. Therefore, I will continue to sing and come up with music but just not as actively as before," she explained.

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