Eddie Redmayne visits Rio for the first time, is the excited tourist we all are

The actor attends the opening of the stunning Omega House in Rio de Janeiro, talks Harry Potter, fatherhood and his love of airports

By Andrea Tim | Published: 9 Aug 2016

Eddie in Rio
Photo: Omega

Omega ambassador and Academy Award-winning actor Eddie Redmayne was only too thrilled to be in Rio de Janeiro for the first time, where he also stepped inside the Omega House during the opening event.

The luxury watch brand is running the opulent members-only club at the Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim on Ipanema Beach in conjunction with the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

"I remember going to the Omega House in London for the London Olympics and they'd managed to convert this old house in Soho into this extraordinary, vibrant hotspot. And with such a brilliant mix of people," Eddie recalled in a Q&A with the brand. "Coming here today, I'd been warned that it was going to be quite breathtaking and it is."

Let's forget the Olympic Games for a moment – the Omega House is where we'd like to be. The building has been transformed to offer its guests an unforgettable experience through themed spaces, which celebrate history of Omega and its many collaborations and achievements.

In the precious few photos there are of Eddie at the opening, it's clear that he tries to keep his cool face on but we can tell he's probably bursting with excitement – the humble and unapologetically awkward star that he is. Cool face is also present in photos with actress with Camilla Belle and Omega president Raynald Aeschilmann.

All photos: Omega

Eddie has never been to Rio, but it isn't his first time at the Olympics. The London rain spoiled his beach volleyball experience at the 2012 London Olympics, so he was looking forward to a proper Rio-style match. "To actually see it tomorrow on Copacabana with everyone in their bikinis and speedos, I feel like it's more fitting perhaps," he said. "I'm quite excited."

The actor went on to talk about touristy things, fatherhood and his upcoming role in the Harry Potter universe.

On his favourite spot in Rio
"All you need to do in Rio is just sit on Copacabana and let it all wash over you. In my case, apply a lot of sun cream. But generally, just try and take in the atmosphere by osmosis."

On being "embarrassingly early" (he was five hours early for his trip to Rio!)
"I flipping' love an airport. I'm one of those people, like, I love to go incredibly early, feel relaxed, buy magazines we'd never normally buy, just take a bit of time out to spend money on random things!"

On not being athletic
"I was invited to do a charity tennis match with Andy Murray and Tim Henman [...] So I went and did it and I realised as I came down that if you do a charity tennis match you either have to be funny or talented. If you're neither, you're screwed. So I proceeded to humiliate myself massively, but it was quite funny."

On being Newt Scamander
"It feels absolutely wonderful and at the same time, I love those films and I love those actors and we're sort of taking Rowling's world and going back 70 years. So you just want to live up to their reputation. So it's a mixture of incredibly exciting and a wee bit daunting."

On the best part about his Omega watch
"The one I'm wearing now has a calendar as well so I can tell the date too which is pretty great."

On fatherhood
"Well, it's only seven weeks in, but it's amazing. It's wonderful. All of the stuff you've heard for years, it's all true but it's utterly extraordinary."

We learned many things about Eddie today, and all of them cement what we already believe – that Eddie Redmayne is simply endearing.

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