Diplo wants to buy Taylor Swift a butt but Lorde fires back

Also, Benedict Cumberbatch does 11 celebrity impressions, Jennifer Lawrence sings and celebrity chef Buddy Valastro gets arrested for DWI

By Andrea Tim | Published: 14 Nov 2014

Lorde defends Taylor
Photo: taylorswift/Instagram

Diplo starts a fund to get Taylor Swift a 'booty', but Lorde delivers a killer comeback line
Taylor Swift has height, legs and a physique many envy, but it seems that even a perfectly healthy figure can attract skinny-haters. On Wednesday, LA-based music producer and DJ Diplo tweeted this:

And then he actually did it. He opened a page on crowd-funding site Fundly to "get Taylor Swift a booty." The description reads, "Taylor Swift Still Needs Your Help! Any true supporter of T SWIFT would definitely not pass up this opportunity to improve her posterior! Any TRUE fan would show their support!"

Diplo may have thought that his little stunt was funny, but Lorde immediately stood up for her BFF.

May Lorde have mercy on you, Diplo (you go, Ella!).

Benedict Cumberbatch does 11 celebrity impressions in 60 seconds
Has Kevin Spacey, master of impressions, got a protégé in Benedict Cumberbatch? MTV played the Imitation Game (yes, pun intended) with Benedict, asking him to do as many celebrity impressions as he could in a minute. The actor sailed through his John Malkovich, aced his Alan Rickman, squinted his Owen Wilson and sang his Taylor Swift.

However, the best one had to be his Tom Hiddleston, which he had down pat, right to the correct "yah." Not "yeah." Yah. Absolutely adorable.

Jennifer Lawrence cannot sing
Contrary to popular belief, Jennifer Lawrence is not talented at every thing she does. Not that we'd love her any less for that, no. It's hard for us to be disenchanted by her flaws – heck, some of them even make her more endearing – so it's no biggie that her singing voice is, well, crap.

"I do not like singing in front of other people," Jennifer told David Letterman on his Late Show on Wednesday. "It's like my biggest fear. I cried on set."

Calling herself a tone-deaf Amy Winehouse, she said that she had to sing a little on The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, but refused to hear that part when it played in the film. It's her actual voice, though, much to her chagrin and despite her asking for Lorde to sing over.

Watch the video below to sample her rendition of Holly Jolly Christmas. Try not to cringe.

Buddy Valastro has been arrested for DWI
Sorry to bust your mood after all that celeb comedy, but Cake Boss star and celebrity chef Buddy Valastro has been charged for driving while intoxicated.

Buddy was pulled over by the police in Manhattan and arrested after failing a sobriety test. Buddy also faces a $300 fine and 90-day suspension of his driver's license, if he chooses to accept the deal offered in court, according to ABC News. However he has been released without a plea.

Buddy reportedly tried to pull the celebrity card on the police, saying, "I had a couple drinks. You can't arrest me! I'm the Cake Boss," before adding later, "Can you just put me in a cab? I don't have to be arrested, I'm not a bad guy." The 37-year-old will appear in court again on 6 January.


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