Did Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher secretly get married?

Meanwhile, Eddie Redmayne reveals his first 'sexual awakening', the Iggy/Azealia feud continues and there's a new 'Let It Go' cover

By Jamie Khoo | Published: 23 Dec 2014

Mila married Ashton?
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Have Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher joined the league of secret celeb weddings?
Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher set tongues wagging when they were spotted at a basketball game last Friday with Mila wearing a slim band next to her engagement ring. Could they have gotten married without anyone knowing? Ashton didn't seem to be wearing any rings though.

Mila and Ashton have been engaged for about a year now and are new parents, having just welcomed a baby girl, Wyatt, in September. Mila has said in the past that she wanted to keep her future wedding very private. "I never wanted to get married," she told W magazine. "From the age of 12, I prepared my parents for no marriage. Then things changed – I found the love of my life. Now my theory on weddings is: Don't invite anyone. Do it privately and secretly. My parents are okay with that. They're just excited that I said yes." So are we, we'd just like to know if the wedding actually happened? (And if so, congrats!)

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Eddie Redmayne talks about his first "sexual awakening"
Speaking of marriage... it's a good thing Eddie Redmayne has just tied the knot with his girlfriend of about two years, Hannah Bagshawe. Otherwise, who knows who he might have ended up with. On a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show, the Theory of Everything actor revealed that his first "sexual awakening" happened while he was watching Disney's The Lion King. Eddie admitted that he had a little bit of a crush on Nala, the female lion. "I loved The Lion King when I was younger and I had a weird obsession with Nala," he said. "Look at her face… She’s so sweet.” Hmm, should Hannah be worried? We shouldn't think so. At least it shows he's man enough to own up to silly things and laugh at himself. Watch the giggles here (guest Anna Kendrick thinks it's all rather funny too): 

Hear it first: Lea Michele sings Let it Go for Glee
No, of course we're not sick to our back teeth yet of Idina Menzel's hit tune from Frozen, Let it Go. We're just not entirely sure we love it when kids scream it on repeat and partners belt it out tunelessly in the shower. So thanks to the good people at People, we were glad to have this first listen of Lea Michele's cover of the award-winning song, which she'll sing on the sixth season premiere of Glee. After all the mangled parodies, this cover comes as a welcome respite and – dare we say it? – we think it might even sound better than the original (sorry). Or perhaps that's only because our ear drums have been worn down from hearing it all year long.

The Iggy/Azealia feud sparks responses from veteran hiphop and rap artists
The Azealia Banks vs Iggy Azalea feud has been raging for so long it's stopped being news. But now, veteran rapper Q. Tip and hip hop artist T.I., who's also Azealia's mentor, have added a few words to the heated debates.

First, Q. Tip traced the origins of hip hop, explaining that it was an "artistic and socio-political movement/culture" that came from and gave a voice to marginalised Black and Latino communities in America. He then reminded Iggy that while hiphop is now "for everybody," she must always remember its historical roots and the painful history it rose from. "This is not a chastisement this is not an admonishment at all this is just one artist reaching to another hoping to spark insight into the field you r in," he concluded. "I say this in the spirit of a hopeful healthy dialogue that maybe one day we can continue."

Azealia's mentor T.I then joined the debate and though he did try to emphathise with Azealia's complaints, he also showed what it means to have 'healthy dialogue' while keeping the respect. After first agreeing with what Q. Tip said about the history of hiphop, he went on to say "…our people (black people in America, and in hiphop) have had much less qualified White People come along and manipulate our culture for their own pers gain. This lead to an almost incoherent overly defensive, paranoid sense of 'All White People Wanna Steal Our S--t' mentality."

But he adds "me knowing U, Eminem,and a handful of other (just so happen to be) white people who were inspired by our culture allowed me to see that not all white people out to steal our culture. There are some that merely wish to contribute to it."

Hear that, kids? It's all about respect and understanding. Now let's get back to enjoying a peaceful, spite-free Christmas. Iggy agrees too and responded with even more tweets. But c'mon now, this is just getting ridiculous.


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