Cuba Gooding Jr. lifted Sarah Paulson's skirt and the Internet is not having it

Let this be a lesson to all; this is NOT okay

By Lydia Chan | Published: 28 Mar 2017

Cuba's creepy move
Photo: paleycenter/Twitter

Cuba Gooding Jr. is under fire for lifting the skirt of his American Horror Story co-star, Sarah Paulson while on stage during a PaleyFest panel discussion. When Sarah got up to welcome fellow co-star Kathy Bates on stage, Cuba sneaked up behind Sarah and thought it would be a 'good' idea to lift her skirt while she wasn't looking. Mind you, this was in front of an audience and when Sarah realised, she shrieked, pulled her skirt down and laughed it off as seen in the video below.

While TV Guide reports that the panel continued on as usual with everyone in good spirits, the Twitterverse did not hold back and went off on Cuba's rude behaviour.

Maybe it was an inside joke between Sarah and Cuba, but what example does this set for everyone? In the effort to banish rape culture and the mindset that women should have to put up with what men think is a joke, Cuba's actions are of no help whatsoever. Some fans were quick to come to his defence, saying that perhaps the two are close friends but let's get real, friends wouldn't lift their friends' skirts for fun.

At the time of writing, neither Cuba nor Sarah has commented on the issue.

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