Chrissy Teigen opens up about her postpartum depression in the realest way

Yet another reason to love this unapologetically honest supermodel

By Lydia Chan | Published: 7 Mar 2017

Chrissy's postpartum
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Chrissy Teigen is known for keeping it super real – she shuts down haters on Twitter, makes meme-worthy faces and posts drunk Snapchats. She's also married to the suave John Legend and the couple share the cutest baby together, Luna. While Chrissy's life seems picture perfect, the model and mum once again, keeps it real in an article she penned for Glamour magazine, revealing that she had postpartum depression.

"I had everything I needed to be happy. And yet, for much of the last year, I felt unhappy," she wrote. "My lower back throbbed; my shoulder – even my wrists – hurt. I didn't have an appetite…". She also retells how "short" she was with people, spontaneously snapping at people, bursting into tears and how exhausted she felt all the time.

Chrissy then met with a doctor and found out she had postpartum depression and anxiety. She went on to explain how she never thought it could happen to her but now wants to use her status to make the somewhat taboo condition more known – "I'm speaking up now because I want people to know it can happen to anybody and I don't want people who have it to feel embarrassed or feel alone."

In true Chrissy form, her writing is down-to-earth and self-deprecating – after gushing over husband John, she writes, "If I weren't me, I would politely excuse myself to make the most epic eye roll of all time if a woman talked to me about her significant other the way I just did to you."

Most of all though, we admire how she's taking her situation and spinning it around. "I still don't really like to say, 'I have postpartum depression,' because the word depression scares a lot of people. I often just call it 'postpartum.' Maybe I should say it, though. Maybe it will lessen the stigma a bit," she said.

You already have, Chrissy.

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