Channing Tatum proves that he can still dance with his clothes on

The 'Magic Mike' actor also talks about fatherhood and wearing thongs

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 2 Jul 2015

Video: Vanity Fair

We were already counting down the hours until work ends so we can race to see Channing Tatum in Magic Mike XXL, out today, but after watching this video of Channing doing seven types of dance moves in 30 seconds for Vanity Fair, we're thinking we need to take the rest of the day off and watch it immediately (sorry boss). We especially like how he nailed 'Vogue-ing'. 

That's not all. The Step Up star (oh, those were the days), who is on the front cover of VF's July issue, revealed that he was really nervous about having a kid and thinks women are a lot stronger than men.

"It was crazy. You feel helpless. We like to think of ourselves as big, strong men, and we could handle whatever situation. And reality is [that women] are so much stronger than we could ever be," he said. "There's a reason why we weren't given that job, evolutionary or whatever. My wife, she's a warrior. She did it as natural as you can. As a man, you're basically a cheerleader."

We also learned that Channing, like the rest of us, isn't a big fan of thongs. "Every time I've put on a thong and am ready to walk onstage, I'm like, 'Why do I want to do this?' To thong or not to thong. But my wife was like, 'You cannot have a movie without these guys getting in thongs.'" Thank you, Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

(Photos: Annie Leibovitz/Vanity Fair)

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