Cara Delevingne's mental health battle

The supermodel on depression and how Kate Moss saved her from it

By Shantila Lee | Published: 13 Oct 2015

How Kate saved Cara
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Cara Delevingne has revealed how she struggled with depression at the start of her career. At the Women in the World summit in London, the 23 year-old supermodel and actress says in the early days, pre supermodel-dom, she found herself working on shoots and catwalk shows back-to-back, was overwhelmed by it all and that Kate Moss's intervention was a blessing.

The Daily Mail reports Cara spilled everything while on stage at the summit: "I had no concept of saying no to anyone, ever. After a while I got sick and got a condition called psoriasis," revealed Cara. "I felt disconnected from myself, but my agency simply shoved me into a doctor's surgery, where I got cortisone shots, but – in reality – I wanted someone to stop me, but nobody did. I never felt like I was good enough, that I deserved success. I felt like I was living somebody else's dream."



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"Kate Moss saved me - she stepped in and picked me up off the floor at a stressful time," mused Cara of how Kate came to her rescue, advising her to take a break from it all. The Brit also found solace in coping mechanisms: "At that point I started writing and found yoga. At first I just did it superficially because I wanted to be flexible, but when I first started seeing my tutor I broke through something," she reminisced.

"We were both chanting and I suddenly burst into tears. I looked at him [the tutor] thinking he was a monster – an evil man – for making me cry. But he just laughed." She added: "See, it wasn't him at all, it was me. Now, we still practice together and I've evolved as a person." 


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It all started with a tricky adolescence due to Cara's learning disability. 'At 15 I pushed myself so far that I had a bit of a break-down. I was one of those people who just did enough to get by, but because I have very bad learning difficulties it was tough. So I went a bit mad and became suicidal," said Cara, who has now transitioned to actress in her first major movie role in Paper Towns. "I saw a therapist and went on anti-depressants and clawed my way back up. After that I eventually left school and started modelling – much to my parents' upset. "

"Then I did Burberry and everything changed," noted Cara of the Burberry ad campaign that plucked her out of obscurity and into supermodelling, also her first tie with Kate Moss, the second being another campaign for Mango. Her message to her fans, she affirmed, is to accept your flaws and to love yourself, no matter what.

Watch the full interview below. 

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