Blank on Blank: Meryl Streep on Hollywood's idea of beauty

The Academy Award winning actress reveals that she was deemed too ugly for King Kong movie

By Andrea Tim | Published: 26 Jun 2014

Video: Blank on Blank

For over a year, PBS Digital Studios has been producing Blank on Blank, an animated series which aims to preserve and re-imagine interviews with iconic names; interviews that are culturally resonant. In the latest of its series, an interview from 2008 by Christine Spines with actress Meryl Streep was featured, in which the actress talked about how she dealt with Hollywood's expectations of beauty.

The 65-year-old admitted that film producer Dino De Laurentiis had labelled her too ugly to star in the 1976 King Kong film when she auditioned for it, also calling her a "pig" (gasp!).

Of course, that doesn't matter anymore – Meryl has become one of the most successful and talented actresses in modern times (take that, Dino). She is also to star as the wicked witch in upcoming Stephen Sondheim musical-turned-film Into The Woods at the end of the year.

Speaking about how she didn't plan on becoming a celebrated actress, Meryl said "I never thought I was somebody who would be on the cover of magazine in fashion wearing fashions! It's not me. That is what movie stardom entails."


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