Blake Lively and Martha Stewart are BFFs (again)

The actress and lifestyle guru sit down for a chat about their brands, being neighbours and, er, sharing Ryan Reynolds

By Jamie Khoo | Published: 11 Nov 2014

Blake's new BFF
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Blake Lively is a huge fan of Martha Stewart. Really huge. So she must have been thrilled not only to be invited to speak at Martha's American Made summit this past weekend but also to have Martha offer to work with her.

The two friends made news earlier this year when Martha made apparently snarky remarks to Huffington Post about Blake's e-commerce site,, saying: "I mean, it's stupid, she could be an actress! Why would you want to be me if you could be an actress?"

A lot of media brouhaha ensued but hey, what are friends for if you can't rib each other a little? Blake certainly didn't seem bothered.

What we do like though – Martha inviting Blake to speak about Preserve at the summit and the two ladies having a chat, as good friends do. As they talked, Martha revealed that she's actually Blake and husband Ryan Reynolds' neighbour, and said how much she liked having Blake over to visit. Blake even said of Martha: "That's the only woman that can creep up on my man and I would be okay with it." (Taking the 'neighbourly love' a little too far there...)

Martha also shared that she'd learnt how to do pottery from Jeff Bridges, and offered, "Now when I find some time, I'll make some for Preserve."

Is that a Martha Stewart stamp of approval for Preserve? And does that hint at a possible Blake x Martha collab? We think that'd be pretty cool.

Blake, looking gorgeous in all-white Michael Kors, the first to be seen wearing the look off the runway, thought all of this was very cool and was obviously in awe of the older businesswoman throughout their talk.

Though we can't say we blame her. The 73-year-old has become known the world over for doing a whole lot of everything (even, amazingly, capitalising on her prison time to grow her business). So for her to invite you over and offer to make a knobbly bit of pottery for your shopping website? That's no a small thing.

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