Blake Lively admits Preserve is still a work in progress

She likens her website to a Matryoshka doll

By Liz Bautista | Published: 8 Jun 2015

Blake on Preserve
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Blake Lively's website Preserve may have been online for nearly a year, but the actress and entrepreneur shares that it is still not close to how she really wants it to be.

In an interview with Time, the actress admitted "It's an e-commerce site that's a confusing experience—the UX and UI feels like a Matryoshka doll. Our site wasn't designed to be navigated the way it's being navigated now." She added, "Every layer of the company can and will be improved. It's hard to have it under a microscope. If I had my dream, I'd put it on hold for six months or a year and then relaunch it."

While Blake is struggling to find her footing in the online world, everything seems to be working well for Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow. However, she told Time in a separate interview that she feels offended with the comparisons being made between Goop and other celebrity-founded lifestyle websites.

"People are grasping at straws to tie us together and I get it, because it makes a good story, but I'm slightly offended by this sort of generalisation that happens with myself and Jessica (Alba) and Reese (Witherspoon) and Blake," Gwyneth said, adding "Yes, there are similarities. But there aren't stories in Time written saying, 'Wow, look at Arnold Schwarzenegger, who did x, y, and z!' I feel there’s something slightly misogynistic about it."

We wonder how Jessica, Reese and Blake feel about Gwyneth's views.

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