Big Bang's T.O.P is conscious and in a stable condition

His mother says he is able to make eye contact and recognise her

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 9 Jun 2017

T.O.P is okay
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[Updated 9 June 2017] Finally, a light at the end of a sad tunnel. Reports say that T.O.P is now in stable condition and has regained consciousness. He may be able to leave the intensive care unit soon. His mother also told the press that he made eye contact and even recognised her.

Here's to a speedy recovery, T.O.P!


[Updated 8 June 2017] A media press conference was held yesterday by the staff at Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital – where T.O.P had been admitted to – and by YG Entertainment. Professor Kim Han Soo, one of the doctors responsible for T.O.P has said that the rapper "was in critical condition" and that he was suffering "from respiratory depression".

Our emergency medical technicians examined him and found that the patient was between a state of deep sleep and semi consciousness with contracted pupils, only showing a reaction to strong stimuli. In addition to an increased blood pressure and heart rate, T.O.P was also suffering from unstable breathing due to low levels of oxygen and high levels of carbon dioxide. We conducted the necessary emergency medical care as we believed he was in critical condition. He was admitted to the intensive care unit at 4:50pm KST.

After conducting a urine test, we concluded that the patient was suffering from respiratory depression due to an overdose of prescribed tranquillizers. His condition led to a high occurrence of respiratory failure, so we made the decision to treat him in the emergency intensive care unit, as he may require intubation. We were able to control his carbon dioxide levels, but he is still in a state of severe lethargy.

Fellow professor Lee Deok Hee said, "Currently, we are unable to determine the exact amount of medication that the patient ingested. Recovery time depends on the patient's age, so it's difficult for us to give an exact time frame. From previous cases, we've seen that younger patients with no complications usually recover in approximately a week."

"What is most important is the patient's mental health," he added. Our thoughts are with you, T.O.P. 


[Updated 6 June 2017] T.O.P was found unconscious yesterday morning. Although it wasn't made clear where he was found, reports say that the star had been rushed to the hospital and has been in the intensive care unit since. An associate of T.O.P issued a statement, obtained by Soompi and allkpop.

"He's still undergoing testing, and the results are not yet out. However, it seems a drug overdose is suspected. With recent events, he's been going through a hard time and has been very stressed. We hope he awakens quickly," the source said.


Big Bang member T.O.P, whose real name is Choi Seung-hyun, has written a public letter addressing his arrest by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency for smoking marijuana (which is illegal in South Korea) prior to entering his 2-year mandatory military service. The K-pop star had tested positive for the drug when the agency's drug crime unit made him undergo the test in April, and now he faces expulsion from his police division.

T.O.P hand-wrote his letter in Korean – read the translated version below.

This is Choi Seung-hyun.

First of all, I would like to sincerely apologise for causing great disappointment and disturbance with a huge wrongdoing. I am too ashamed of myself to stand in front of everyone for an apology. I have no excuses and feel very regretful and fearful, so I am carefully writing down these feelings as words.

Our members, my agency, the public… My fans who have supported me, and my family, I have left an irreparable scar in everyone's hearts, so I believe I deserve to be punished.

My heart aches, and I am also very ashamed of myself. I will meditate and reflect on [my mistake] again and again. I will never make such an irresponsible mistake again. Once more, I apologise for not being able to apologise to everyone personally. I will deeply repent my wrongdoing.

I am very ashamed of myself.

I apologise.

T.O.P had reportedly smoked marijuana with a female trainee at his home in Seoul, in October 2016 – he had denied these allegations. The rapper then started his military service in February and the police were only tipped off about his drug abuse in March this year. The Seoul Drug Criminal Investigation Department arrested T.O.P on 1 June, pending charges.

If T.O.P is sentenced to anything less than 18 months in prison, he will have to re-enlist into the army upon his release.

"You cannot be accepted back into a division you have been expelled from unless there are outstanding circumstances," read a police statement, which was acquired by allkpop. "His enlistment as an army policeman is now over."

Big Bang's management agency YG Entertainment also issued a statement, apologising on T.O.P's behalf.

First and foremost, we would like to apologise. After confirmation, we have learned that Choi Seung-hyun has admitted to the charge of smoking marijuana before his military enlistment. Following through with all investigative measures by attending the police's investigation in the midst of his public service duties, he is deeply reflecting on his actions. Once again, we apologise for worrying so many people.

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