Beyoncé's Topshop Dress

RM386 could get you the same Topshop dress that Beyoncé's been seen wearing

By Emma Chong Johnston | Published: 10 Mar 2014

Bey's Topshop Dress
Photo: Topshop

Beyoncé, singing diva and fashion queen, has been spotted rocking a striped Topshop shift dress that is well within the range of us mere mortals. In fact, we've found it for you, right here. It's RM386, in a very sharp black and white stripe, with clever panelling details down the side. You're now just a credit card number away from owning the same dress as...

Sorry guys, literally just checked the site again and the dress has sold out in the ten minutes it took us to write this. A good refresh every now and then may bring you closer to a restock though, so don't give up hope. Also, a good lesson in the power of celebs to shift sales.


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