What Beyoncé's Ivy Park really means

Thought it was a Blue Ivy reference? Think again

By Emma Chong Johnston | Published: 1 Apr 2016

Ivy Park meaning
Photo: Ivy Park

The insta-world is aflame with Beyonce's latest, the unveiling of her activewear line Ivy Park. The main takeaways from the comment threads have been that a) Beyonce looks amazing in it and b) everyone has already started cashing in their retirement funds to be able to purchase something from the line when it launches. But there's a hidden aspect to this that we've just uncovered, something very dear to our hearts as Malaysians. Sources close to Beyonce have revealed to us exclusively that the name of the activewear line, while commonly assumed to reference daughter with Jay Z, Blue Ivy, is actually a veiled reference to a greater love.

In early 2015 Beyonce and Jay Z visited Cambodia, where they posted several envy-inducing holiday snaps featuring temples, tropical resort wear and metallic temporary tattoos. This much-publicised trip provided the perfect cover for their next stop: Malaysia. The couple spent a secret week travelling across our country, visiting curry hotspots in remote towns and sampling the best of our nation's spicy cuisine. Jay Z's nickname for Beyonce during that time? Kari VYP – an ironic hip hop take on 'Curry VIP'. Rearrange those letters and what do you get? That's right, IVY PARK.

"People never think of Beyonce as a big foodie, given that she's famous for her special cleanse," our source told us. "But she loves food, and the one time she really lets herself go all out is when she's on holiday. Especially in Asia, she thinks Asian food is just the best in the world."

We're as floored as you are.


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