This is how Benedict Cumberbatch talks when he's tipsy

Just take our hearts already, Benedict

By Andrea Tim | Published: 5 Sep 2014

Video: Daily Mirror

We've all heard Benedict Cumberbatch's deep, baritone voice on one too many occasions (but never too many, to be honest), but how many times can you say you've heard him tipsy? Not counting when Sherlock brought John out on a pub crawl for the latter's stag night, this makes it the first time we've seen Benedict so... out of it.

Not losing a beat of what he wanted to say while accepting his GQ Actor of the Year award, he thanked James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Tom Hardy, Pharrell Williams, Lewis Hamilton and his mum on the way.

He even called his profession an "an embarrassment of riches" and, after calling Lewis Hamilton a "motor driver", criticised his outdated language.

"Motor drivers... What century am I from? Someone auditioning for Downton Abbey or some such shit. Not that Downton Abbey's shit!" he clarified before swearing like a champ and then apologising to his mother.

"Thank you, mum and dad for rearing me," he continued. "Rearing, again, what century? That's like... you rear farmyard animals, I don't think I'm one of those. Maybe I could play one, I've just played a tiger so who knows."

Aside from the fact that he "drank a lot", Benedict proves that he is, outside his typically serious bearing, funny. "Thank you very good much" for that thoroughly entertaining speech, Benedict. A show of hands, please, from whoever thinks Benedict should tap into comedy films. Ours are raised up high.

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