Benedict Cumberbatch's resemblance to an otter

You won't be able to unsee him doing otter faces on the Graham Norton Show

By Shantila Lee | Published: 30 Nov 2015

Video: The Graham Norton Show

Cumberbitches, gird your loins: on Friday night, Benedict Cumberbatch appeared on the Graham Norton Show, along with Johnny Depp, and was asked to do a few otter impressions. The resulting hilarity had us in stitches.

Graham started by pointing out that some people (fans included) do think Benedict resembles an otter, then to prove his point, put up photos of otters in comical head twists and tongue lolls, and got Benedict to mimic the otter's expression. Snarling smiles, teeth-baring lip curls and loads of eye squinching followed. At one point he even got a kiss from Johnny Depp while all three of them replicated a group shot of happy, kissy otters.

Benedict Cumberbatch otter impressions
Photo: The Graham Norton Show

"Is this a casting for my next role as an otter?" Benedict asked. If it were, he would nail the role. Watch the video above.

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