Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter walk their first red carpet together

Meanwhile, the Topshop vs Rihanna battle continues, Angelina Jolie won't quit acting yet and Miley Cyrus is in the new Golden Lady campaign

By Andrea Tim | Published: 20 Nov 2014

Cumberbatch debut
Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter make their first red carpet appearance
The Imitation Game premiere in New York was quite an event, not least because Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter made their red carpet debut as an engaged couple. The press – no, the world – tried to get a good look at Sophie's engagement ring as the charming duo walked, smiled, chatted with fellow red carpet walkers and looked simply gorgeous together, but to little avail. We'd be lying if we said we didn't want Sophie to show off her ring a little more, but then, these two are not the type to draw attention to their upcoming marriage. The bride-to-be wore an embroidered Erdem gown while her fiancé wore a three-piece suit. For now, we're very happy to just admire how ridiculously photogenic they look.

Angelina Jolie is not quite done acting...yet
Come on, who wasn't upset to learn that Angelina Jolie might be leaving her acting career behind for good? (We were.) The actress has asserted that she would like to direct more and act less, but she isn't giving up being in front of the camera just yet.

"I have a few more in me, ones I have been developing for some time, so I will do those before I step away," she told Entertainment Weekly. Having just had her latest directing work, Unbroken, premiere in Sydney, the mother of six is also preparing for the release of By The Sea, which she not only wrote and directed but starred in alongside her husband, Brad Pitt.

(Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

"It was a new experience as I had to direct myself and Brad in very dramatic and emotional scenes," she said of the drama, which will be the second time she shares screen time with Brad (the first being in Mr. & Mrs. Smith). "But it was also a great joy to be back on set with him after 10 years. [By the Sea] is a very different film than our first. It's heavy. We really had to help each other. And we did."

We can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve, Angelina. There's also that possible Cleopatra biopic we're waiting to hear more of.

Topshop wants to keep selling its Rihanna T-shirts
Dear Court of Appeal, Topshop is looking to get those T-shirts with Rihanna's face back on sale because people love Rihanna and people love Topshop, so once you do the math, it's a pretty important thing for pop culture. Please help.

Okay, in all seriousness, we know we can't get our way like that. Not when it's really up to the Court of Appeal to decide whether or not to step in and review the case that resulted in the British high-street label having to pull the tees with the pop star's photo from shelves.

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The T-shirt in question was decided by a High Court judge during a case last year to be misleading to fans, who might think that the Diamonds singer endorses Topshop, when she doesn't.

Topshop lawyers have argued in the appeal that the T-shirt merely follows a culture of the merchandising of icons such as Elvis Presley and Jimi Hendrix. The Daily Mail reported that Mike Gardner, Wedlake Bell LLP's head of intellectual property and commercial, said that if the product is promoted to suggest an endorsement, it could be considered illegal "passing off."

"Although each case is different, if Topshop fails to overturn the ruling, this may discourage other retailers from selling similar items in the future and may lead other celebrities to take a tougher line in policing their rights," he said. "But if Topshop is successful, celebrities and their management teams may have to think more about how they can best protect their branding in countries like the UK which do not recognise image rights."

Sigh... We just want to listen to RiRi's music and wear tees that celebrate her, you know?

Miley Cyrus nearly bares it all for Golden Lady's ad
Alright, enough legal talk for today. Let's turn to Miley Cyrus for a dose of the controversial. The singer danced to her song Get It Right, sometimes wearing almost nothing but tights or covering herself with giant teddy bears and a blow-up heart for hosiery brand, Golden Lady. Watch how she never misses a beat of her usual provocative self – even when she's tearing one poor teddy apart – in the Rock Your Legs campaign ad.


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