Barack Obama's anniversary video to Michelle is what the world needs right now

"It is truly the best decision that I ever made to be persistent enough in asking you out for a date"

By Lydia Chan | Published: 4 Oct 2017

Obama to Michelle
Photo: barackobama/Instagram

In the midst of all the chaos in the world right now, sometimes we just need a little glimmer of love and hope.

Cue Barack and Michelle Obama and their display of #couplegoals. Yesterday, the former first couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. While Michelle posted an Instagram photo to commemorate the occasion, Barack surprised his wife with a gushy video during her talk with Shonda Rhimes at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women in Philadelphia.

Barack started off by apologising for "crashing the party" before going into the cutest speech about Michelle. Seriously, get the tissues ready.

"The idea that you would put up with me for a quarter of a century is a remarkable testament to what a saintly, wonderful, patient person you are. It was a lot easier for me to do it because the fact of the matter is that not only have you been an extraordinary partner, not only have you been a great friend, somebody who could always make me laugh, somebody who would always make sure that I was following what I thought was right, but you have also been an example to our daughters and to the entire country," he said.

According to People, Michelle (like us) teared up when Barack spoke of her "strength, grace, determination and honesty." He also cheekily praised "the fact that you look so good" doing all of this.

But his best line: "It is truly the best decision that I ever made to be persistent enough in asking you out for a date that you finally gave in. And I hope that you feel the same way." (OMG CRYING.)

Once the video ended, Michelle reportedly joked to the crowd, saying "I better get home."

Barack Obama, setting the bar high for presidents and husbands everywhere. Take notes, boys.

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