Astro entertainment show Meletop apologises to Yuna for 'Crush' parody

Yuna slams the now-deleted video, which mocks the singers' performance, saying that it could ruin her career in the United States

By Andrea Tim | Published: 5 Aug 2016

Crush parody
Photo: Yuna

Astro entertainment programme Meletop recently aired a parody of Yuna and Usher's performance of Crush, mocking the moment where the two singers hugged at the end of their set at The Roots Picnic in Philadelphia – this was a subject of controversy last month.

What's more, comedian Shuk SYJ wore blackface to play Usher. Blackface is a form of theatrical makeup used by a non-black actor when playing a black role, and it is considered racially offensive. In the parody, which has since been removed by Astro, 'Usher' attempts to hug 'Yuna' (played by Jihan Muse) but she simply bows instead.

Jihan Muse and Shuk SYJ (Photo: shuksyj/Instagram)

Needless to say, Yuna was not amused. She posted a response on her personal account, calling out the derogatory parody for disrespecting Usher. Radio station iM4U tweeted a screenshot of her post. Read her full statement below.

"Friends i hope u know that that parody thing they did could end my whole career in the states- disrespectful and disrespecting my friend like that, if Usher sees this person had done this 'black face' thing (please google if you don't know what it means to a black person who by the way, make 50% of my audience who come to my show) he would never want to associate himself with anything Malaysian again, ever. Please educate yourselves. Astro took down whatever they could from the internet, only after some backlash from people calling out that this could be a serious issue in the states.. but the damage has been done, you obsess about your stupid parody you forget about having some dignity. So stop sharing this stupid video on Facebook. Its not funny. And it will only hurt me. [sic]"

Meletop, which is hosted by comedian Nabil Ahmad and actress Neelofa, issued an apology on Twitter last night.

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