Anna Kendrick on the perks of being 30

She also kills us with her life motto

By Andrea Tim | Published: 25 Aug 2015

Anna on being 30
Photo: annakendrick47/Instagram

As far as she's concerned, Anna Kendrick had already been 30 when she turned 29. This past 9 August, she turned 30 (again) and appears in the 30th Anniversary September issue of ELLE US.

"My Mom always did that – to such a degree that I can't ever remember how old she is because she always bumps it up a year," the Pitch Perfect actress said. "I'd never done it before, but 29 felt like I was desperately clinging to my twenties, and I didn't feel the need to do that, so I just started saying I was 30."

Being 30, perks include getting to go home before 2am because she can, while one of her goals is to nail her grandma's from-scratch apple pie crust recipe. Also, her appreciation for downtime has only but increased.

"For the first time in a long time, I don't have my next film planned, which is a good feeling because I haven't had more than a couple weeks off in like three years. I'm hoping to take the time to actually live in my own house for a month or something. That would be really nice," she said.

However, the best thing that's come out of Anna's contemplation is her motto, which we all can apply to life.

"I can't think of anything that wouldn't make me sound like a pretentious f-ckface. Maybe that should be my motto: Don't be a pretentious f-ckface," she declared.

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