Amy Schumer really did open for Madonna

As you can guess, it was awesome and slightly NSFW

By Andrea Tim | Published: 19 Sep 2015

Video: Ashley Lee/YouTube

Amy Schumer not only rocked Madonna's entire audience at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday with her 40-minute stand-up comedy set, she twerked for them.

The comedienne, who also announced she will be headlining MSG herself on 23 June next year, was only too thrilled to open for Madonna's Rebel Heart tour show in New York City.

"What am I doing here? I thought nobody would be here this is awesome!" she shouted. "You guys, I'm opening for mother f---ing Madonna right now! This is the best, this is the shit!"

Yes, it is. What was also the shit was when Madonna called Amy back out during a performance of Unapologetic Bitch and had her dance onstage. Amy being Amy, she also took a prank from Madonna in stride, banana and all. You'll have to watch the whole thing yourself to see what we mean. Just not when your boss is in (unless your boss is our boss and she totally gets it).

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