Amy Schumer's heartfelt Emmy Awards acceptance speech

In which she did a shout out to the girl who did her makeup

By Andrea Tim | Published: 21 Sep 2015

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Amy Schumer's TV series Inside Amy Schumer just won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series and as you can guess, she immediately jumped into her self-deprecating humour.

"We had to get [screenwriting software] Final Draft once the picked up our show. We didn't own it," she joked.

She then went into a flurry of thanks for, well, everyone, but there's one person who stood out among the list of those thanked: Amy's makeup artist.

"The girl who gave this sort of a smokey eye. I really love it," she said onstage.

Said girl is celebrity makeup artist Andréa Tiller, who is probably beyond about the moment. In true professionalism, she shared a breakdown of Amy's beauty look (so everyone can get their awards stage makeup on).


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