Amy Schumer 'defends' Bill Cosby in new comedy sketch

The comedian is all for pushing the envelope

By Liz Bautista | Published: 29 May 2015

Video: Comedy Central

Amy Schumer has defended comedian and accused rapist Bill Cosby. Well, not really.

In a recent sketch for her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer, which aired on Tuesday, Amy played Bill's defense attorney. So what was her strategy when more than 40 women have come forward to accuse the 77-year-old of sexual harrasment and rape? Nostalgia.

While playing a short clip from The Cosby Show, Amy asked the jury: "All these women, same story, same facts. But how do you feel when I play this? Did anybody feel raped by that? How about drugged?"

Her fictional lawyer also went on to bribe the jury with pudding pops and Cosby sweaters before asking, "How can the face of such a yummy treat do anything bad?"

The court room comedy ended with Bill having chocolate cake delivered for the jury and a martini for Schumer, which she threw over her shoulder.

Funny sketch, but we're pretty sure that kind of defense won't fly in a real courtroom (we hope!).

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