Amber Chia wore a hijab for World Hijab Day

The Malaysian model wasn't the only non-Muslim who supported the event

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 2 Jun 2015

Amber Chia in hijab
Photo: Amber Chia/Facebook

Amber Chia caused a flurry of excitement among Malaysians when she posted a photo of herself in a hijab on Facebook after attending the KL International Hijab Fair 2015 at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur, last Friday.

"For non-Muslim to wear or not to wear is a FREEDOM OF CHOICE. But it was a great experience for me to WEAR THE HIJAB FOR A DAY," she captioned her selfie. She also posted selfies with other people wearing the hijab.

The event is actually one of the largest Muslim trade fairs in Malaysia and as well as a platform for Malaysians to celebrate World Hijab Day (1 February). The movement which was originated by Nazma Khan aimed to encourage Muslim and non-Muslim women to experience the hijab for one day.

According to Malay Mail Online, Amber received some negative feedback on her decision to wear the hijab. But she did not let that faze her, instead she said, "The reason for me to putting on hijab is to support World Hijab Day, just like others wearing cheongsam during Chinese New Year. Nothing to do with religion."

She was also joined by Carol Lee who was Mrs Universe 2013 and Bkay Nair. 

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