Alyssa Milano starts #MeToo hashtag for sexual harassment victims

The goal: to give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem that is sexual harassment and assault

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 16 Oct 2017

Awareness: #MeToo
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Charmed actor Alyssa Milano has kicked off a hashtag campaign on social media called #MeToo to raise awareness of sexual harassment and assault.

The idea came from Alyssa's friend and it's not just a direct response to Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment allegations, but a simple effective way for women and men who have experienced sexual harassment and/or assault to "give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem."

In a matter of hours, Alyssa's tweet garnered over 29,000 replies and 10,000 retweets. Celebrities like Anna Paquin, Lady Gaga, Gabrielle Union and more also responded to the tweet with their own #MeToo hashtags.

"I've been asked a number of times to comment on the Harvey Weinstein scandal," Alyssa said in a post she published on her website last week. "While I am sickened and angered over the disturbing accusations of Weinstein's sexual predation and abuse of power, I'm happy – ecstatic even – that it has opened up a dialogue around the continued sexual harassment, objectification and degradation of women."

It's important to note that the #MeToo movement extends beyond the film industry and Hollywood – if anyone has so much as catcalled you, that's sexual harassment.

"To the women who have suffered any form of abuse of power, I stand by you," Alyssa added. "To the women who have come forward against a system that is designed to keep you silent, I stand in awe of you and appreciate you and your fortitude. It is not easy to disclose such experiences, especially in the public eye. Your strength will inspire others. Thank you, thank you, thank you for fighting this battle so hopefully my daughter won't have to."

So hopefully, none of us – man or woman – have to.

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