Alexa Chung unveils her secret talent and George Clooney will star in Downtown Abbey

Also, David Beckham declares his (permanent) love for Jay-Z while Pharrell needs two personal hat carriers

By Nalisa Alia Amin | Published: 12 Sep 2014

That's so Alexa
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Alexa Chung reveals her hidden talent
Every aspiring fashionista we know loves Alexa Chung, and she thinks she knows that. Because apparently the television personality has revealed that she's psychic.

"I'm psychic," she said to The Cut, "Yeah, I don't see one because I already know what's up. All last week, I was thinking about Chinese slippers, you know, the ones you see in Soho with the embroidery on them? And then there they were in the Marc by Marc Jacobs show today."

Her psychic powers don't stop at fashion, oh no. She can feel people's energy too. "If I lose people, at a festival or at a party - like when I went to Sleep No More and lost my friends - I can tell where their energy is and map it out in my head and know where they are in the room. If cell phones go down, I can tell where someone is."

David Beckham loves Jay-Z so much he wants to ink it
David Beckham's (hot) body is known for being covered with tattoos. So, it's not a surprise when the former football star gets another tattoo from time to time. But now he's officially one of us, caught up in the spectrum of Beyoncé and Jay-Z's awesomeness.

It seems that Becks had too many feels from the Beyoncé and Jay-Z On The Run concert he attended with Victoria and oldest son, Brooklyn last month. He tattooed Jay-Z's inspirational quote, "Dream Big, Be Unrealistic" on his right knuckle.

Soon, we'll be seeing Victoria getting "I Woke Up Like This" tattooed in a matching font.

George Clooney to star in Downtown Abbey
My, oh my, there is no stopping George Clooney. He recently announced that he would direct a film, and now he's putting out another project in the holiday season. The silver fox will appear in a short Downtown Abbey-related film to air during the holidays on UK network ITV, as confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter.

Though the role has not been announced just yet, the big news is he's filming it all for charity. The film will be part of ITV's annual Text Santa campaign that raises money for six charities in the United Kingdom.

Handsome, funny, and kind. Amal you're one lucky girl. 

Pharrell Williams needs two guys to carry his collection of hats
Besides producing chart topping hits for Robin Thicke, Snoop Dogg, and himself, Pharrell Williams is also a fashion aficionado (d'uh). And when we say that, we really do mean it.

Ever since he rocked his brown Vivienne Westwood hat at this year's Grammys, oversized hats have became his signature item. And his hat game is on point. The rapper cum producer has been rocking so much elaborate headwear that he needed two pairs of extra hands to help him carry his babies when paparazzi spotted him leaving the Lowry Hotel in Manchester last night.

Next thing you know, we'll see Pharrell using a truck to transport his collection of hats to places. We're not surprised. 


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