A look at CL's documentary 'Breaking America'

The K-Pop star talks about her identity, her journey to taking over America's music industry and embracing her haters

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 15 Nov 2016

CL's documentary
Photo: CNN Style

Our former cover girl Lee Chae-rin or better known as CL, is taking the world by storm and she's got a documentary called Breaking America to prove it. In the clip directed by Dave Meyers and released by CNN Style, we got a glimpse at what the former 2NE1 frontwoman has been up to as she prepares for an American takeover, one song at a time.

"It's the complete opposite of Asia," CL said of what makes the music industry in the US different. "Because you know in Korea everything is about yin yang and keeping the balance. There's a saying in Asia, if you're too strong you break. But here, I feel like it is about being too strong. I want to see how I could take that yin yang and do it here."

"Breaking America is serious now. It's a different crowd out here and I can't do it the same way. I feel like I put so much energy and time into it that I, I'm going to, I have to do it," CL explained. "I think it's also about how you do it and what the message is and who I represent and who I am. So I want to do it right, and that's why it's taking so long."



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Even fashion designer and close pal Jeremy Scott has no doubts that CL will achieve global superstardom very soon. "I go around the world, I've seen her fans in Chile, in Brazil, obviously all through Europe. I mean she's not just a Korean or an Asian phenomenon, she really is a global superstar." Jeremy Scott said backstage at New York Fashion Week.

"These days, I mean my fans are internet kids. So they're everywhere...I'm happy you know. If I can inspire them, or even if they hate me," CL added. "It takes so much effort and energy to hate something or someone or anything so, I appreciate the hate!"

Watch Breaking America here.

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