8 things we just learned about Victoria Beckham

The fashion designer reveals the origins of the Spice Girls name and how she fell in love with David Beckham

By Andrea Tim | Published: 5 Jun 2015

About Victoria
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Victoria Beckham had a public conversation with former CFDA executive director Fern Mallis at 92nd Street Y in New York on Wednesday and revealed a few interesting things about herself – her career, her family and Spice Girls. This should give you a new perspective on the creative mind behind the successful fashion brand and mother of four.

1. The Spice Girls almost had a different name.
"In the beginning, we were going to be 'The Spicy Girls,' but then we realised there was a porn site called the Spicy Girls."

2. She sang Mein Herr from Cabaret for her Spice Girls audition.
"A bit dramatic, but it got me in the group." (Good news, we found a video.)

3. She believes in love at first sight.
"I was introduced to [David Beckham] after a football match... What I liked about him right from the start is that when all the other players were getting drunk at the bar, he was with his mum and dad and younger sister. His family was adorable. And family is very important to me, so I respected that... and I do believe in love at first sight. So seeing David like that was great. It was really great."

4. Her first Christmas present for David was quite the splurge.
"I spent everything I had to buy David a bright red Ferrari. I wanted him to have something that he would have never bought for himself. I loved him so much and I still do. I just wanted him to have what he wanted. We were much more extravagant in those days. I wouldn't do that now. You're much more sensible at 41."

5. Thanks to her dad, her rides to school were pretty awesome, even if she didn't know it at the time.
"Growing up, my mum was a stay-at-home mom and my dad was an engineer... he was self-made, and he worked so hard. He worked really hard, and it was always his ambition to own a Rolls Royce. He was so proud of that car, but when he used to take us to school in the Rolls, I was just mortified. My siblings and I used to beg him to drop us off down the street, or to use the big van he had for work. 'Please, Dad, can we just take the van?' How times have changed! I would much rather ride in a Rolls Royce now!"

6. Her knack for fashion design started in school.
"I've always loved fashion. At school, I used to do a little bit of customising the school uniform in the toilets at lunchtime."

7. Her career backup plan is something you wouldn't have expected.
"I was never going to be a model. I studied dance until I was qualified to be a dance teacher. My mom said I had to have something to fall back on if it all went wrong.... So if it does go wrong, I can always be a tap-dancing teacher. Good to know, right?"

8. She'd like to do an affordable fashion collaboration. (Somebody call H&M stat!)
"I'd like to collaborate with someone. I'd like to reach more people. I'd like to offer clothes to people who can't or won't pay designer prices. I want to make women feel great and empowered even if they can't buy designer clothes.... When you wear my clothes, you feel sexy. Everyone should have that."

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