8 best things we learned about Diane Kruger today

The actress channels Grace Kelly in a new cover shoot, where she reveals what Karl Lagerfeld thinks about her cat

By Andrea Tim | Published: 7 Oct 2015

Diane is effortless
Photo: David Bellemere for The Violet Diaries

Diane Kruger is a force to be reckoned with. She is famous, but it's the kind of fame that allows her to be a household name (with merit!) without being a personality who gains headlines every day for the most menial reasons.

Her November cover shoot and interview for The Violet Diaries proves this is true (her low-key Instagram account only reinforces the point). She so effortlessly and gracefully photographs a few beauty looks at Paramount Studios, channelling an off-duty Grace Kelly in the midst of filming in Hollywood.

In the same interview, the 39-year-old reveals a few charming things about herself.

1. Growing up, her favourite actress was Vienna-born Romy Schneider, who started off acting in German films.
"She moved to France to make a movie and fell in love with Alain Delon and made amazing films in French. I thought if the French liked her as a German then maybe they would like me."

2. Diane and Karl Lagerfeld go a long way.
"I met Karl when I was sixteen and, as you can imagine, I was very intimidated. But he was just very kind, encouraging, and funny. Since I've become an actress we're collaborating more and we're neighbors in Paris. His studio is literally next door and I drop by when he's working all night."

3. She and Karl share a love for cats. She has a stray named Hobbes, his is the famous Burmese Choupette.
"It's always nice to talk to another cat lady Karl politely tells me Hobbes is cute, even though he's probably appalled at how tubby he is."

4. Diane learns a lot from her makeup artists.
"I try to not overdo it and let the dress do all the talking. I'm really not into contouring and heavy foundation, but I have a pretty thick brow naturally and find that it gives me a lot of character."

(Photo: David Bellemere for The Violet Diaries)

5. She likes waking up next to her lover (we assume she's talking about longtime boyfriend Joshua Jackson).
"And my cat is there whether I like it or not. Every morning, 6:30."

6. If she wasn't an actress, her career would have been something drastically different.
"I think I'd love to be a scientist, and if I'm not smart enough, then maybe Peter Pan."

7. Like us, she loves Cate Blanchett's voice.
"I'd love to have Cate Blanchett's voice. It's so haunting. I watched the Carol trailer and her voice in that...I just love her, she's great."

8. Diane's thoughts on anti-ageing are simple.
"Just live. You can't turn the clock back; you just can't."

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